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The objective of the series is to introduce children (grades Pre-K through 5th) to real world life skills which build and develop character and are valuable for growth and success into adolescence and adulthood. It is important to begin laying the bricks of the foundation early. Research and interviews of many early childhood educators and librarians brought awareness to the current lack of resources for young children in this area. The inspiration for each life skill lesson/character trait in the series is a collection of Abbey's personal experiences coupled with information from her team of early childhood educators.

Life skills the series aims to cover, but are not limited to, are:

1)   Ambition

2)  Leadership

3)  Communication

4)  Attitude

5)  Time management

6)  Organization; responsibility

7)  Balancing

8)  Integrity

9)  Failing & Persevering

10) Money management

Ambitious Abbey

The first book of the series centers around ambition.

While selling lemonade to her neighborhood friends on an ordinary Saturday, Abbey is required to halt operations and travel to the city when her mom is faced with an emergency at her bakery.  Abbey's trip to the bakery reveals a side of her mom she has never seen. Through the experience, Abbey is empowered, and discovers she can create her own dreams and work to achieve them.  

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Ambitious Abbey Takes the Lead

The second book of the series centers around leadership.

Throughout her day at school, Abbey realizes that no one is responding to the needs that are popping up everywhere around the building. She takes a stand and makes a difference, allowing her leadership qualities to shine bright through her actions. Abbey discovers that as she takes the lead and sets the example, others are moved to follow!

Ambitious Abbey Tries Again Front Cover.jpg
Ambitious Abbey Tries Again

The third book of the series centers around failing and persevering.

Abbey is overjoyed by the opportunity to go fishing with her dad at their favorite pond on a hot summer day.  Filled with excitement and anticipation, she imagines she will catch many fish, but challenges arise that leave her walking away empty-handed and defeated.


When another chance to go fishing with her dad comes around, she must decide if she will try again or play it safe and stay home to avoid disappointment.

Book 4 Front Cover.JPG
Ambitious Abbey Gets Organized

The fourth book of the series centers around responsibility and stewardship of what a child has been given.

Abbey shares a bedroom with her sister, Angie. One day, Abbey is a big ball of stress because she looks around and sees that their room is a total mess. Abbey determines that the room must be cleaned and organized, which will be a great chore. Abbey convinces her sister to help, and they work together to complete the task. The girls' organization even inspires other family members to make their own changes along the way!

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